About EDU Certificate

Customer Orientation

The first EDU belief EDU

EDU considers the belief that Jupiter is an angel who brings a day to be the headline of its work. Receiving the same services from all clients of all genders, ethnicities, nationalities and religions is our best effort and dream.

World view

The second belief EDU

Although attracting and retaining an Iranian audience is one of the main goals of the EDU, it should be funded as a reduction in our efforts to globalize. We are in customer acquisition of customer response from neighbor and then to global market all over the world.


The third belief EDU

It will be an honor if clients know the name "EDU" in its original meaning, where it will find and implement the correct "vote" with the help of up-to-date and efficient training centers

Our colleagues and consultants on the EDU website are ready to serve you, dear and esteemed managers, on a daily basis for designing and printing special certificates for educational centers.

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