Terms and Conditions

Definition of words:
.EDU certificate is attributed to the website of the city of design, which is used as an abbreviation

۲- EDUcertificate.ir website: The website with the address www.educertificate.ir, which is an online infrastructure to enable the possibility of tracking the certificates of presence and design, has the role of design and printing.

۳- The director of the training center: is a person who, as the head of the training center, has received the necessary permits from the competent authorities and organizes skills and training courses, and directly or indirectly requests the design and printing of attendance certificates for participants in events. And gives its courses and..

۴_Certificates (certificates): Printed paper on which the details of the organizer, the details of the person present, the details of the event or آمده are listed and have no legal value.

۵- Registration code (tracking): A unique code is inserted on each certificate of presence, which can be used to view the printed certificate of presence on the site.

۶_Design and printing process (registration and issuance process): The process of receiving the order, printing it after the approval of the other party and activating the tracking code of the design and printing process (registration and issuance process) is called.

۷_Contract: refers to the set of conditions agreed electronically or in writing between the parties, according to which the necessary conditions for designing, printing and activating the inquiry are provided by one party to the training center of the other party and are binding on both parties.

۸- Contract signing process: The electronic and online process is called making an agreement between Arash Kalani and the director of the training center and is subject to the Electronic Commerce Law approved in 2003.

۹_ Contract amount (fee): The amount received by Arash Kalani for paper supply, design, printing, divorce and all other expenses from the director of the training center (second party).

۱۰_ Notifications: These are executive cases that will be notified electronically to the director of the training center (second party) by the design and printing complex (Arash Kalani) during the period of cooperation via email or messengers, and are an integral part of the contract and its implementation for The second party is binding.

۱۱٫ Certificate of Attendance: People attending an event expect the organizer to have proof that they were present at the event. Be.

Design, printing, pasting holograms and laminating the Attendance Certificate of Attendance with tracking code (Register No) for the second party by the first party

The educertificate.ir website has been provided to enable tracking of printed certificates of attendance related to the other party.

Website Commitments:

۵-۱) Certificates are designed and printed in the shortest possible time. (If you want to use unprepared designs, you will receive a design fee.)

۵-۲) Activation of the ability to inquire online for certificates on the site educertificate.ir (so that the image of the certificate of attendance is displayed by entering a unique code on the site.)

۵-۳) Design and print the certificate in Persian or English to the discretion of the other party.

۴-۵) An explanatory text to inform the user of the certificate with the theme that this certificate is only a certificate of presence and has no legal value, is included in all designs and can not be deleted.

Clause 6) Customer obligations:

۶-۱) Sending the required specifications for designing and printing the certificate through an Excel file or through cyberspace (meaning the image of the attendees, name and surname, event title, venue, date and time of attendance at the event and Name, seal and signature of the organizer for inclusion on the certificates)
۶-۲) Having the necessary permits from the competent authorities is the responsibility of the second party and the first party has no involvement in legal affairs, training and و and only does the work of design, printing and online inquiry.

۶-۳) Certificates are valid after the seal and signature of the school (whether printed or manually) and their online inquiry is activated after the seal and signature of the school and sending its image to the first party, and considering that the ability to print There is a stamp and signature on the certificates. All responsibility for the stamp and signature is on the second party and the second party (considering that he sent the sample of the signature or stamp himself through the messengers) and before printing the draft of the designs made. Has checked,

Has no right to make any claim regarding the seal or signature printed on the certificate and in case of violation of the second party will be liable to all competent authorities. In case the seal and signature are not correct, the second party is obliged to inform the first party up to 7 working days from the time the certificates arrive to correct the first party and the second party is obliged to cancel the wrong certificates.

۶-۴) Attendance certificates are designed and printed for the participants in the training courses of the second party school and have no legal value and the second party is obliged to justify its school students in this regard.

۶-۵) In case of any violation, considering that the first party has only the duty to design, print and activate the online inquiry of the certificate, the second party will be responsible to the competent authorities and the first party has no responsibility in these matters. The second party will be responsible for answering to the competent authorities in all legal and criminal matters in case of any violation.

Note 1: The responsibility for the accuracy of the information lies with the other party.

۶-۶) According to the present contract, the second party will be obliged to send the correct information and provide the requested documents of the first party.
۶-۷) The second party states that it is fully aware of all legal provisions governing the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the law of counterfeiting and fraud, money laundering, penalties and e-commerce laws and other related laws, and adheres to their observance. In case of claim or claim of the right from third parties, he will be responsible for answering and compensating for possible damages.
۶-۸) If according to this contract, damage is caused to the first party or the final customer by the second party, the second party is the guarantor of the compensation.

Clause 8) Resolving disputes in the interpretation of this contract:
In the event of any dispute regarding the interpretation of the provisions and implementation of the present contract, the parties shall first endeavor to resolve the matter through negotiation, peace and reconciliation. If the dispute remains unresolved, the parties will have the right to refer to the competent legal authorities of Isfahan.

Clause 9) Interpretation of the contract:

۹-۱) In case any of the provisions of this contract is declared invalid due to a court ruling or current laws of the country, firstly, the other provisions of the contract are not violated and secondly, the proposal of the first party regarding the implementation of other provisions of the contract in a way that complies with the will The initials of the parties will be accepted.

۹-۲) All rights of the first party (authorized in this contract) can be pursued at the time of the contract and after it.

Clause 10) Termination of the contract:

۱۰-۱) Either party may terminate the contract by giving 30 days written notice to the other party, and in the meantime, the parties must fulfill their current obligations and settlement in full or to perform it as they deem appropriate. Agree to set a deadline.

۱۰-۲) The first party can terminate the contract during the validity of this contract at its discretion or the occurrence of violations of the second party and suspend the current contract with or without prior notice. In this case, all rights and privileges granted by the first party to the second party will be terminated and the first party reserves the right to reject the re-application for cooperation with the second party.

۱۰-۳) In case of violations with any title of intentional violation or gross negligence by the second party, the first party can terminate the current contract with a written notice and 10 days in advance. In this case, the first party will stop designing and printing for the second party by canceling the contract.

Clause 11) Legal residence of the parties:

The address and legal residence of the first party is stated on its official website and the legal residence of the second party is the same as mentioned in paragraph 1 and any change in the address and residence must be notified to the other party.

Sending any ordinary and official correspondence and papers to these addresses is considered as real notification.

Clause 12) Appendices and attachments:

Introduction :

In order to explain this electronic contract concluded with the subject (design and printing) between Arash Kalani with the acronym “First Party” with the directors of educational centers with the acronym “Second Party”, and the citation of Article 6 (legal validity, duration and conditions) Extension of the contract (contract), the present instructions are developed and communicated to all managers of educational centers (the second party to the contract).


۱۲-۱) Under the present contract, the second party guarantees that he has the necessary legal capacity to order the design and printing of the certificate of presence and if he concludes this contract on behalf of a legal entity as the second party, he has the necessary legal authority to This is the job and if necessary, he presents his representation documents to the first party.
۱۲-۲) According to the present contract, the second party is responsible for complying with the content of the certificate of attendance (certificate) provided by the first party with all laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and obtaining the relevant licenses.

۱۲-۳) Receiving the cost of design, paper, printing and… for the printed certificate of presence from the final customer, is done only by the second party and the first party only provides the infrastructure for design and printing and the possibility of tracking. Therefore, the responsibility of issuing the invoice in the name of the final customer is on the other party.

۱۲-۴) The second party is responsible before submitting any content to the first party for inclusion in the certificate of attendance, has acquired the necessary legal authority to exercise the rights arising from this contract, and regardless of any claims by third parties Have it.

۱۲-۵) The second party undertakes to be the owner of the training center and personally ordered the design and printing to the first party and all information, signatures, stamps and 2 submissions are valid and in accordance with the conditions mentioned in the contract and laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran Be. The second party acknowledges that it has the necessary permissions to present the certificate, and the first party is solely responsible for the design and printing. Obviously, the first party (Arash Kalani) will not be responsible for this, and if the first party, the certificate tracking site or the end customer is damaged in this regard, the second party will be obliged to compensate. Damages subject to this part of the contract after the termination of the cooperation contract are also relevant.

۱۲-۶) Pursuant to Article 3 of the present instruction, it is obvious that in case of issuing an invoice in the name of the first party and stating it in the tax reports, it will not be approved and also the first party will not bear any responsibility Was.

۱۲-۷) Details and shipping costs:

In case of ordering more than 5 pieces of design and printing of the attendance certificate (documents), the cost of sending it to the address of the second party will be borne by the first party.

۱۲-۸) Payment and receipt:

The second party acknowledged that after paying and receiving its order through the transportation systems, it has accepted all the provisions of this contract.

۱۲-۹) Cancellation:

According to Article 37 of the Electronic Commerce Law, the second party has 7 days to cancel his order after receiving the order, and the only cost imposed on the second party is the cost of sending the certificates of return. If these 7 days have passed, the other party has acknowledged that the content of the documents was accepted by him

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